Nullsoft Scriptable Install System

“Nullsoft Scriptable Install System is a tool for creating quick and user-friendly installers for Microsoft Windows operating systems. It is a script-based system that adds a very small overhead, only 34 KB. It features LZMA compression, support for multiple languages, and an easy-to-use plugins system”

The latest release 2.10 features auto completion in the directory page, a new version of VPatch that compiles on POSIX, and the usual collection of bugfixes, improvements, and translation updates.

The key (differentiating) features are:

  • Support for ZLib, BZip2 and LZMA data compression (files can be compressed individually or together)
  • Customizable user interface (dialogs, fonts, backgrounds, icons, text, checkmarks, images etc.)
  • Fully multilingual, support for multiple languages (including RTL langauges) in one installer. More than 40 translations are already available, but you can also create your own.
  • Page system: You can add standard wizard pages or custom pages
  • User selection of installation components, tree for component selection
  • Multiple install configurations (usually Minimal, Typical, Full), and custom configuration
  • Installer self-verification using a CRC32 checksum
  • Small overhead over compressed data size (34 KB with default options)
  • Ability to display a license agreement in text or RTF format
  • Ability to detect destination directory from the registry
  • Easy to use plug-in system (lots of plug-ins for creation of custom dialogs, internet connections, HTTP downloading, file patching, Win32 API calls etc. are included)
  • Installers can be as large as 2GB
  • Optional silent mode for automated installations
  • A preprocessor with support for defined symbols, macro’s, conditional compilation, standard predefines
  • Installers have their own VMs that let you write code which support wide variety of features like DLL/ActiveX control registration/deregistration or Reboot support, including delete or rename on reboot

Excerpted from full feature list.

Download here.

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